Ribbon Cord Headband- Easy


This was nice for the girls to do, and I get to wear one of them.  I was hoping I had more things to braid in, but the basic braided thing works and I like the versatility of colors that can be used. Sky is the limit with these headbands.  I went to visit Joann’s Fabric store and was so surprised to see all of the jewelry making supplies, and the new sewing machines.  Raine said:  Ooh Mommy, I love this store.  What’s so funny is that she has been in there or others with me many times, but this time she saw it differently. She was really wide eyed, touching the fabrics,  going from aisle to aisle and stopping at her favorite spots.  I was excited for her.   I hope she was inspired.  My favorite part is always the candy at the register.







The Impossible Woman


The Impossible Woman  

She only knows from within herself…

The person she used to be….

The person she destined to be…

Who’s that Lady?  

A child that longed to be a woman…

The woman that yearns to be a child…

Isn’t that wild?

But no one really gets to see all of this soul…

Shining are her eyes like sparks of gold…

We see pieces of her and we think we know…

But alas, it is only the picture that she dares to paint for you… 

Behind the smile… it’s not always what you think

But take the smile because it could be your missing link….

To your own destiny.

Behind her tears of the past brings incredible strength

For the suffering and the pain that she still has yet to know…

And she is never the same because she has never known all of herself

At the same time.

Because she is the Impossible woman….

LaRita D. Whidby


Love Mason Jars

Beautifully Creative Bride


Beautiful flowers in a Mason Jar. #rustic

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My Purse (LaRita Whidby)

Flower10 year old purse again
20 year old



30 year old


40 year old


50 year old


Girll…get yourself together…60 years old


80 years

Aluminum Foil Dolls

Aluminum Foil Dolls

The possibilities are endless with these. They make a great centerpiece.

I started out with polymer clay for the face and shoulders. The aluminum foil is attached from the torso down. I chose a ceramic tile block because it was sturdier than the wood tile panels. I love abstract things and flowers so most of mine have had a floral feel to them. I’m new to blogging, but love sharing these because they look so un-aluminum foil-ish. This is a great craft if you have anything leftover in your crafting area. Anything goes too,lost earrings, old coin purses, pennies, torn dollar bills, etc. I didn’t have room to fit them in my house, so I had to stop making them. Every now and then someone swipes one away when we have a barbecue. I have many more lined up in my head…..  My  cousin is begging me to teach her…. I  promised her this year… for sure.
Sigh… the procrastinator crafter in me…

Sunshine Aluminum Foil Doll 2

Aluminum foil doll 4Aluminum foil doll 3


Crafter styles for the Easily Amused.

According to this quiz, I’m a techy crafter? Ok!

I like four different styles: Shabby chic, Country, Blingy, and Recycling. Most of my blogs will be these types of crafts. Shabby Chic is number one for me. I can’t get enough of magazines like Romantic Country and Altered Art. It takes basically everything you have around the house and makes it usable and ultra frou frou, feminine. It was a wonderful way to change my 22 year old’s room around. When she came home, she glared at me. “Are you serious ma?”

Blingy is just me. Glamour, Diva-ishness. I notice that there are groups that like Blingy and groups that hate it, but it’s okay. Usually Full Glamour styled folks don’t seem to like country and vice versa. I think of Green Acres with this. That’s why the world goes around. My husband hates anything mirrors, and glitterish. Hence shop alone.

Country is so popular and also represents simplicity. I think it’s popular because most people can relate to something in it. Like good old apple pie. I like it because it’s usually simple for me to make. I kind of think its more like shabby chic, but more green and simpler, not so feminine.

Recycling is the best. To be able to take something and turn it into something else is awesome. My uncle Pee Wee’s house was filled with aluminum foil when I visited him. He was sick at the time, and I remember looking at the aluminum foil coasters, cup holders, placemats and other oddities around the house and kind of chuckling. What is that? Why does he have a fascination with aluminum foil. He died the next day and I always remember his fascination with it. I was floored when I first saw that you could make dolls with aluminum foil. I put my own spin on it and I love trying to figure out what else I can use that foil for. We covered up a rust spot on a freezer last week for a surprise birthday party. We couldn’t find any tableclothes. We put a fruit tray on top and sprinkled confetti on it. No one was the wiser, and it looked cute. Success!!!!
I’m sure there is some formal research on why crafters like some styles, but these 4 are my favorites.

The Tablecloth Banner

SAM_0374The Tablecloth Banner

I had to try this one for the 12 year old’s Birthday. She wanted purple and yellow decorations…She’s sleep right now, and this will be a suprise for her.

It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but it was a lot of fun. I recommend using a sturdy string and maybe 2 nails. We didn’t want nails in the wall, hence a little Duct tape was used for sturdiness. It fell down a couple of times and we failed to open 2 of the tableclothes completely, hence short, long, short long…Uh Oh. Back to the drawing board.

Can’t Wait to Try it Out….


Ice cream in cookie cutters to eliminate scooping? Genius. Why did it take so long for Pinterest to evolve?

Fortune Cookie Invitations by Raine…

Raine decided to hand make her invites this year, and since she only had a few, she took her time and made them.  I thought it was a great idea. We looked up some fortune cookie blessing quotes and typed them up, and cut them out. Image

Yes, that’s right the goal is a craft supply kit.

So why wouldn’t I craft a new project?  Example:  New beauty soap?  Because I don’t have a. the sunflower oil it calls for? Or b.  I have 2 of 6 ingredients.  Yep, to the back burner the soap project goes unless, I’m totally pumped to make that new beauty soap.  Or maybe it’s a simple arrangement.  Well, I totally get this.  Because I totally haven’t made things because of this.

Next of course is time and know how.   I can’t change your time factor, but I might be able to help with know how.  So if I give you every single little ingredient to make the “new project”, you can’t tell me that you couldn’t make it in my feedback column.  So…my proposal to you is a “craft it yourself kit.”  I will have limited supplies, but for the motivated crafter this might get them going in the next direction of their life.  Who knows where that kit might take them?  They might become the next Martha Stewart?     Don’t thank me… Please promise to give it to someone else if you don’t use the little kit within a reasonable amount of time… I will try to follow up with you….smile.

And remember, crafting is therapeutic, the only way to get therapy is to do it!

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