Pinterest Re-do’s.

Here is a re do of the Plastic Knife Bracelets.  

As I was inventorying my craft room, I was trying to figure out which crafts I could attempt that I have in stock.  How about 100 plus plastic knives.  Most likely leftover from barbecues where really, the food is so tender no one ever needs a plastic knife.   I fell in love with this idea.   And of course I got my partner to help me out.   We had a great time trying this out.  Now I could honestly put a kit together for you to try, but my guess is really you do have all of these items in stock….


How do you like them apples?  I will never look at plastic knives the same way.


Lets see, you need:

Water, Pot, Stove, Plastic Knifes any color you’d like, nail polish.   And whatever your creative mind wants to add.   Start boiling your water first.

SAM_0529 Well look at that…


First I made a mistake and dropped the knife down in there… Then I got the tongs out before I turned the knife into another chemical.


It was acting like it didn’t want to give, but finally it kind of collapsed against the wall of the pot.   Now what?


It started to get really hot…so I figured out how to keep pushing it.  My very first one was a knive shaped V.  Then 2 pieces after I took it out. The give stops immediately after removing it from the flame.


I started getting really excited about my doll headband, I mean bracelet.

SAM_0541 Some of my favorite colors.

SAM_0549Raine did the first one!


Of course this could have gone on for hours and hours, but when you start yawning and wondering should we start that pot boiling again?


I’d give this project a big PASS!!!!!!     I wore mine today and I loved them….trying to figure out how to make headbands out of them yet!




That salad is a re do!!!!! It had great flavor, but I think I was in denial about how much water to add.   Maybe if I added another pack of jello!   So it was more like coca cola jello drink.   Fail.

Going to try this one out tonight.

53f2600ac65db5f916fae03290574cbc 300x300 Coca Cola Salad   Best Fruit Salad

6 ounces cherry-flavored Jello (not sugar-free)
1 cup boiling water
10 ounces Coca-Cola
1 can (14.5 to 16 ounces) red tart pitted cherries in water
1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple
1 cup chopped pecans (raw or lightly toasted)

No Bake Oreo Truffles.

Pinterest Re Do

Pinterest Re Do

Alrighty Then…. so ya know…babygirl printed out the article and I didn’t get to do my research first.  She had her internet print out and  got all the ingredients in the store.  First of all, there were only 3 simple ingredients on the print out…  Oreos, cream cheese and semi sweet baker’s chocolate.. A no brainer for me.  We can do this.   First she crushed 9 Oreos cookies.  She put those off to the side.

She then crushed the rest of the cookies and added the cream cheese.  She then made balls with her hands instead of the ice cream scoop I insisted that she use…whatever.


And then I became puzzled… And you will see why…

When do I put the white stuff on there?

When do I put the white stuff on there?

I'm confused?   It smells good though.

So I let her kind of finish the rest of it.   Freeze the balls, while the chocolate is melting.   Then dip the balls in the chocolate.   I missed the part about the white coating, and she sprinked the rest of the crushed cookies….

Sooo. they didn’t quite look like the picture…. but they seem to taste pretty good.   My rating for this…. 10 because my baby gave it her best shot!   You go girl!

All Done.
All Done. So I went back and looked for the Pinterest Version and she had  a little note talking about some almond bark, artifically flavored vanilla coating?  Really?  Thats why me and Raine are the Chef’s in training.  Lesson is to read the additional comments at the bottom!!!!

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