About Me-New Blogger Alert

This is FYI.  I am stumbling and fumbling, but there is one blogger that has been giving me inspiration.  One of the things she said is “Just GO!   Waiting for every detail to be right might take forever.  So pardon our dust as we get this party started.    It’s so much more to learn and do and the learning curve can be big. I added my Tumblr blog and I appear to have been blogging for months. Not quite. cropped-sam_03094.jpg

I  am a new blogger that has been crafting between going to school for years.  My goal is to open a great craft house in my neighborhood, but I want to be able to offer my crafters the best.  I have been trying out new crafts and I love the idea of recycling items for crafts.

I was in the military for 22 years and had an opportunity to go to school for interior design.  I kept asking them if they offered floral design and they told me no.  I slept on it and decided to keep going to nursing school for my Masters. But here I am, right back to my crafts.  I know that I will always love them forever.

  1. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog and deciding to follow it. Good luck with your artistic endeavours.

  2. Rejeana, you sound like my kind of lady. I’m enjoying your pins on Pintrest , and now I’m enjoying your blog. Your friend is right, just GO! -Claudia-

  3. Rejeana think this is really weird seeing someone with the same spelling of my name and we have somewhat the same interest .
    I was a clothing construction educator with the dc school system. I am also a certified interior decorator. Do you think it’s the spelling of the name?
    Rejeana T.

  4. My nickname is ReeRee. My moms name was Jean. I named my daughter ReJeana Simone. Started crafts when she was a baby.

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