Inspire Me Bloggers

These bloggers keep me inspired. This is how I learn. Follow the leaders, learn from the best.

Chonta is an up and coming motivational speaker with experience on the subject of fitness and entrepreneurship. I started following her 90 day video blog. Each lasts about 3-4 minutes but they are thought provoking, and reflective. I needed some of her young energy to get me moving!

Chonta Flowers

Rox is not for the faint of heart. Think Wendy Williams’ baby sister if you will. If you are wanting to let your hair down, let’s talk nitty gritty reality dirt. Of course after you’ve worked, fed the kids, cleaned the house,did homework,paid bills, etc, etc, and want something funny to make you shake your head, she will do it. Her straight from the head, out of the mouth reviews has me laughing. What I love the most about Rox is that she is so consistent in posting her blogs. I swear I’m in the same room with her when I am viewing her videos. I feel like she is a friend and I never met her. She was even able to give me tips about how to do upcoming video blogs. I’m grateful to her and her dedication. Her viewership on You Tube is growing, and honestly I smile when I see her email in my inbox. Uh Oh I think…or I think, yep, it’s about time for that review. If you like trash, and lets face it reality TV wouldn’t be what it is without an audience right?, then I recommend you watch at least one smutty review. Don’t feel guilty when you watch, just accept that you are enjoying it. It’s like sneaking a look in the National Enquirer at the grocery store.

It’s Rox


Patricia Ross was my first experience with online craft blogging. She was on a DIY website that I believe is not working anymore. I found her by accident looking for new things to work on. I love it when I get so excited about something and just have to try it because usually I end up evolving. She had the most beautiful fairy dolls I ever saw. It’s been about 5 years, and I still love to see her blog. She loves to do tutorials and even has private sessions. I sent her a copy of my finished doll with arms instead of without when I first completed it, and she graciously wrote me back excited that I did the project!. I told her that I couldn’t seem to grasp the faces but I just loved the concept of those abstract aluminum foil dolls. And it was nice meeting someone that you didn’t know that actually inspired you. I’m sure many crafters have someone that inspired them.

Patricia Ross “>


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