Diva Crafters- Glitter and Glam

Why did I dare delve into this topic? Because I adore glitter. I always have. I just don’t care for dull anything.

I was so ecstatic when I walked in the Atlantic Station’s Z Gallery with a friend of mine and they told us Glitz was back baby! I looked like a kid with wide eyes touching all that silver and gold. They put the last few “earthy” pieces they had in the back corner of the store..YES, we screamed! It’s back! It’s back. Now how do I turn all these earth tones in my house into bling? What to do now?

Enjoy it until they tell me it’s all over. Meanwhile, I”m looking up my Pinterest recipe of how to make glitter with salt in the microwave. Just what I’ve been looking for. A way to make my own GLITTER!!!!!


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