Ribbon Cord Headband- Easy


This was nice for the girls to do, and I get to wear one of them.  I was hoping I had more things to braid in, but the basic braided thing works and I like the versatility of colors that can be used. Sky is the limit with these headbands.  I went to visit Joann’s Fabric store and was so surprised to see all of the jewelry making supplies, and the new sewing machines.  Raine said:  Ooh Mommy, I love this store.  What’s so funny is that she has been in there or others with me many times, but this time she saw it differently. She was really wide eyed, touching the fabrics,  going from aisle to aisle and stopping at her favorite spots.  I was excited for her.   I hope she was inspired.  My favorite part is always the candy at the register.







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  1. It wasnt hard, WordPress makes it pretty easy. Im new to this as well.

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