The Impossible Woman


The Impossible Woman  

She only knows from within herself…

The person she used to be….

The person she destined to be…

Who’s that Lady?  

A child that longed to be a woman…

The woman that yearns to be a child…

Isn’t that wild?

But no one really gets to see all of this soul…

Shining are her eyes like sparks of gold…

We see pieces of her and we think we know…

But alas, it is only the picture that she dares to paint for you… 

Behind the smile… it’s not always what you think

But take the smile because it could be your missing link….

To your own destiny.

Behind her tears of the past brings incredible strength

For the suffering and the pain that she still has yet to know…

And she is never the same because she has never known all of herself

At the same time.

Because she is the Impossible woman….

LaRita D. Whidby


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