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Empty Nesting real soon. We are a little sad, but we are excited too. She is going to a small college that has dorms built in 1836. The last update was over  2 decades old, so we really have to be creative! Move in day is 2 months away.

I couldn’t  find a lot of information on actual trunk parties. From what I found out, they are for young adults on the way to college or dorm living. They need supplies such as snacks, water, school supplies, and dorm room supplies. I let my guests be creative. I bought the trunk last year, and her suitcase set this year.  I also registered her on Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I tried Amazon, but had a very hard time getting her list to be searchable.  I still used a friend list on Amazon to make some of my own purchases. Some guests like to see what she still needed and wanted to wait until after the trunk  party. One of the nicest ideas I liked was actually using a personal headboard. It really makes a difference in the look. had beautiful ideas.

We chose to do our party  immediately after the graduation.  I have been buying 1-2 things a month since last March. This kept us from being overwhelmed. They need like a whole house in 1/2 a room. She chose purple and gold for her dorm room.I chose those colors for the trunk party as well. Although she has most everything,  she still needs cleaning supplies, and snacks!




Fall is Here! More scrapbooking? Yes More.

PicsArt_8_5_2015%208_09_23%20PMTime is flying as usual.  I’m not crafting like I know I should be.  Back and forth to a slew of doctors.  I still get on my Pinterest as it gives me such joy!   I’m thankful to God to see a new day.  My walking is bad, but my hands are still working great, so I have no excuse. Sitting and crafting for hours is a thing of the past. But I cant let them go quite yet.I have been making these wonderful scrapbooks that I learned how to make on You Tube.  Shelly Geigle gets all the credit for these innovative books that can be stretched to imagination’s content.

It was well worth the watch.  I slowly made books using her technique and Raine enjoyed playing with my new equipment: scorepal, and the cutter, oh lord.  She is 14 and like: “Mom, you have to let me learn something.”  I just ordered my Martha Stewart punchers to make the exotic paper borders.

I have enough pictures and kid’s artwork to last a lifetime. So serious. I’ll be 50 in January, and I figured out that no one would really care about all those pictures unless I do SOMETHING with them.   My highschool friend Tiffany told me that she knows her kids wouldn’t really be bothered with her pictures.  I got a very uncomfortable visual of my children trying to figure out what to do with all those photos and “stuff” if I wasn’t around. I have downsized my mom’s “things” to a drawer and a photo album.  Amazing.

So me…the procrastinator crafter has to absolutely pretend that scrapbooking is my new job.  I created this room in my house called the Memory Room. It’s filled with lace, pillows, and my cousin’s old Dixie French Provencial bedroom set. No man will ever willingly sleep in it.  I have had my family move those crates of pics/photos/invitations/greetingcards/awards/obits/ to the Memory Room.   And I select random batches of pics, so it wont be too orderly.  So far so good.  I’ve even made books and given them to family to put their own pictures in.  I couldn’t resist.

Life is too short, no matter what’s wrong with us.  I read on Quora, and boy was it was an eye opener:  “No one will even know you even existed 200 years from now.”  I almost got a little attitude when I read it, but I realized it’s true.  Maybe Facebook will preserve our stories longer. And I know scrapbooking won’t hurt….

Do something today that your future self will appreciate…:)


Paper Watercolor Flowers

Raine and I figured out how to make flowers and now I can’t stop making them…so much fun, and so many possibilities.

Paper Watercolor Flowers

You need:
Small Glue gun
Good paper scissors
Elmers glue
Styrofoam cup
Small cup of water
small paint brush
Computer paper
Power Point Software

I started out a computer flower I googled for a shape.
Flower shapeSlide1


Slide31 watercolor flower

You can also paint it if you want.  After they dry, you can even spray them with Pearl Glaze from Michaels or Acrylic if you don’t mind fumes…. I hate fumes, so I didn’t spray paint them.  I’m sure you can dip them in something exciting…

And we beamed at each other as we made one flower after another… We are using them to decorate our birdcages for the ceremony( I plan to do that old ribbon trick where you dip plain ole ribbon in that glue and water mixture and let it air dry in the shape you like. I will share it after we are done…

Ok, so now for Pinterest and what exactly to use your flower power with…. I am now the Flower Lady…Yess. Yesss.  Plus there are lots of of flower making fancies that I’m sure you are going to love!!!!!!


The Things to Do List is Growing.

I was off this weekend and was able to get the rest of my invites and everything written.  Stamps are almost a thing of the past.  It seems weird sending invites through emails and texts.  It was pretty effective though I will admit.  The killer is that I am planning the vowel renewal celebration and my family reunion at the same time.  It’s really getting me into the swing of things.  And working 2 jobs while planning 2 things is a little insane.   But I don’t feel stressed…just beaming.   John’s birthday was today, we even managed to get out for that today… It didn’t help our promise to lose 25 pounds a piece plan…we are both beyond full.  Image

Time Flying

I started a second job trying to fund a vowel renewal ceremony.  It’s taken all my time away.  Although I will admit, I have been crafting some wonderful things. 

Joint Compound on Canvas Project

Neffy’s Baby Shower!

Neffy's Baby Shower!.

Neffy’s Baby Shower!

I couldn’t wait to make something for this shower!    I decided on diaper bouquets and I painted an umbrella much to my hubby’s dismay.


Just a cute diaper.

You know I can’t resist my aluminum foil. Sorry, I went to the craft store and they wanted $5.74 for one styrofoam ball! I had to keep thinking…keep thinking… And the pack of skewers were $4.00. Keep thinking. Luckily I had the floral picks already, and they were long enough. I got two sizes.

  The umbrella is well…very artsy.  We are trying to figure out how Neffy is going to get it home.  We also decided it would make a great guest book.  I just give them the sharpie and they signed the umbrella.


Vacationing in the Bahamas

Vacationing in the Bahamas

Next time I know to bring small things to craft and share. I did get to read a book called the Secret. It made this trip joyous.

Oh My Air Freshner Doll Pictutorial- Um…Moderately Easy

I can never get enough of these dolls. They look great everywhere and make nice gifts. I’m willing to make a kit for $10.00 plus shipping for anyone that wants one. The kit includes a pre-made skirt, hat, arm, face, and some leftover fabric.  You just need  glue gun, and a Renuzit Air Freshner in the fragrance of your choice. If you want to go it all on your own, I just ask that you please send me a picture or comment so I can enjoy your creativity.

A fresh face is always so nice to start with.

A fresh face is always so nice to start with.

Felt Pattern.

Felt Pattern.

Picking fabrics is always so much fun!

Picking fabrics is always so much fun!

Time to get the party started!

Cut the main two pieces. Cut the main two pieces.

Stuffing the arms can slow our diva from getting dressed!

  She always insists on a hem or finished bottom.!!!! She always insists on a hem or finished bottom.!!!!
I'm coming together finally!

I’m coming together finally!

I have extra material! What should I do to make me look beautiful?

I have extra material! What should I do to make me look beautiful?

How do you like this hat?

How do you like this hat?

Oh, Oops, those are my arms!

Oh, Oops, those are my arms!



I look loooovely darling...

I look loooovely darling…

Raine brought me lace...such a sweet angel she is...

Raine brought me lace…such a sweet angel she is…


How's this dahling?

How’s this dahling?

Or this?

Or this?

It would help if I combed my hair first before I put on a hat.

It would help if I combed my hair first before I put on a hat.


There... I'm done... What do you think?

There… I’m done… What do you think?

Oh Shoot, I forgot my Earrings!!!!

Oh Shoot, I forgot my Earrings!!!!

Well, I'm all dressed up and no man to be found! Guess I'll hang out with the ladies!

Well, I’m all dressed up and no man to be found! Guess I’ll hang out with the ladies!

Extra fabrics! Aren't they beautiful?  On sale too for a good price at Jo Ann's.

Extra fabrics! Aren’t they beautiful? On sale too for a good price at Jo Ann’s.

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