Neffy’s Baby Shower!

I couldn’t wait to make something for this shower!    I decided on diaper bouquets and I painted an umbrella much to my hubby’s dismay.


Just a cute diaper.

You know I can’t resist my aluminum foil. Sorry, I went to the craft store and they wanted $5.74 for one styrofoam ball! I had to keep thinking…keep thinking… And the pack of skewers were $4.00. Keep thinking. Luckily I had the floral picks already, and they were long enough. I got two sizes.

  The umbrella is well…very artsy.  We are trying to figure out how Neffy is going to get it home.  We also decided it would make a great guest book.  I just give them the sharpie and they signed the umbrella.



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  1. I had so a wonderful time. I loved your ideas.I will have to follow you on your blog…I didn’t know you were in the blogmoshere:)

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