Fall is Here! More scrapbooking? Yes More.

PicsArt_8_5_2015%208_09_23%20PMTime is flying as usual.  I’m not crafting like I know I should be.  Back and forth to a slew of doctors.  I still get on my Pinterest as it gives me such joy!   I’m thankful to God to see a new day.  My walking is bad, but my hands are still working great, so I have no excuse. Sitting and crafting for hours is a thing of the past. But I cant let them go quite yet.I have been making these wonderful scrapbooks that I learned how to make on You Tube.  Shelly Geigle gets all the credit for these innovative books that can be stretched to imagination’s content.

It was well worth the watch.  I slowly made books using her technique and Raine enjoyed playing with my new equipment: scorepal, and the cutter, oh lord.  She is 14 and like: “Mom, you have to let me learn something.”  I just ordered my Martha Stewart punchers to make the exotic paper borders.

I have enough pictures and kid’s artwork to last a lifetime. So serious. I’ll be 50 in January, and I figured out that no one would really care about all those pictures unless I do SOMETHING with them.   My highschool friend Tiffany told me that she knows her kids wouldn’t really be bothered with her pictures.  I got a very uncomfortable visual of my children trying to figure out what to do with all those photos and “stuff” if I wasn’t around. I have downsized my mom’s “things” to a drawer and a photo album.  Amazing.

So me…the procrastinator crafter has to absolutely pretend that scrapbooking is my new job.  I created this room in my house called the Memory Room. It’s filled with lace, pillows, and my cousin’s old Dixie French Provencial bedroom set. No man will ever willingly sleep in it.  I have had my family move those crates of pics/photos/invitations/greetingcards/awards/obits/ to the Memory Room.   And I select random batches of pics, so it wont be too orderly.  So far so good.  I’ve even made books and given them to family to put their own pictures in.  I couldn’t resist.

Life is too short, no matter what’s wrong with us.  I read on Quora, and boy was it was an eye opener:  “No one will even know you even existed 200 years from now.”  I almost got a little attitude when I read it, but I realized it’s true.  Maybe Facebook will preserve our stories longer. And I know scrapbooking won’t hurt….

Do something today that your future self will appreciate…:)



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