Empty Nesting real soon. We are a little sad, but we are excited too. She is going to a small college that has dorms built in 1836. The last update was over  2 decades old, so we really have to be creative! Move in day is 2 months away.

I couldn’t  find a lot of information on actual trunk parties. From what I found out, they are for young adults on the way to college or dorm living. They need supplies such as snacks, water, school supplies, and dorm room supplies. I let my guests be creative. I bought the trunk last year, and her suitcase set this year.  I also registered her on Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I tried Amazon, but had a very hard time getting her list to be searchable.  I still used a friend list on Amazon to make some of my own purchases. Some guests like to see what she still needed and wanted to wait until after the trunk  party. One of the nicest ideas I liked was actually using a personal headboard. It really makes a difference in the look. had beautiful ideas.

We chose to do our party  immediately after the graduation.  I have been buying 1-2 things a month since last March. This kept us from being overwhelmed. They need like a whole house in 1/2 a room. She chose purple and gold for her dorm room.I chose those colors for the trunk party as well. Although she has most everything,  she still needs cleaning supplies, and snacks!




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