Yes, that’s right the goal is a craft supply kit.

So why wouldn’t I craft a new project?  Example:  New beauty soap?  Because I don’t have a. the sunflower oil it calls for? Or b.  I have 2 of 6 ingredients.  Yep, to the back burner the soap project goes unless, I’m totally pumped to make that new beauty soap.  Or maybe it’s a simple arrangement.  Well, I totally get this.  Because I totally haven’t made things because of this.

Next of course is time and know how.   I can’t change your time factor, but I might be able to help with know how.  So if I give you every single little ingredient to make the “new project”, you can’t tell me that you couldn’t make it in my feedback column.  So…my proposal to you is a “craft it yourself kit.”  I will have limited supplies, but for the motivated crafter this might get them going in the next direction of their life.  Who knows where that kit might take them?  They might become the next Martha Stewart?     Don’t thank me… Please promise to give it to someone else if you don’t use the little kit within a reasonable amount of time… I will try to follow up with you….smile.

And remember, crafting is therapeutic, the only way to get therapy is to do it!


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