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Aluminum Foil Dolls

Aluminum Foil Dolls

The possibilities are endless with these. They make a great centerpiece.

I started out with polymer clay for the face and shoulders. The aluminum foil is attached from the torso down. I chose a ceramic tile block because it was sturdier than the wood tile panels. I love abstract things and flowers so most of mine have had a floral feel to them. I’m new to blogging, but love sharing these because they look so un-aluminum foil-ish. This is a great craft if you have anything leftover in your crafting area. Anything goes too,lost earrings, old coin purses, pennies, torn dollar bills, etc. I didn’t have room to fit them in my house, so I had to stop making them. Every now and then someone swipes one away when we have a barbecue. I have many more lined up in my head…..  My  cousin is begging me to teach her…. I  promised her this year… for sure.
Sigh… the procrastinator crafter in me…

Sunshine Aluminum Foil Doll 2

Aluminum foil doll 4Aluminum foil doll 3


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