Crafter styles for the Easily Amused.

According to this quiz, I’m a techy crafter? Ok!

I like four different styles: Shabby chic, Country, Blingy, and Recycling. Most of my blogs will be these types of crafts. Shabby Chic is number one for me. I can’t get enough of magazines like Romantic Country and Altered Art. It takes basically everything you have around the house and makes it usable and ultra frou frou, feminine. It was a wonderful way to change my 22 year old’s room around. When she came home, she glared at me. “Are you serious ma?”

Blingy is just me. Glamour, Diva-ishness. I notice that there are groups that like Blingy and groups that hate it, but it’s okay. Usually Full Glamour styled folks don’t seem to like country and vice versa. I think of Green Acres with this. That’s why the world goes around. My husband hates anything mirrors, and glitterish. Hence shop alone.

Country is so popular and also represents simplicity. I think it’s popular because most people can relate to something in it. Like good old apple pie. I like it because it’s usually simple for me to make. I kind of think its more like shabby chic, but more green and simpler, not so feminine.

Recycling is the best. To be able to take something and turn it into something else is awesome. My uncle Pee Wee’s house was filled with aluminum foil when I visited him. He was sick at the time, and I remember looking at the aluminum foil coasters, cup holders, placemats and other oddities around the house and kind of chuckling. What is that? Why does he have a fascination with aluminum foil. He died the next day and I always remember his fascination with it. I was floored when I first saw that you could make dolls with aluminum foil. I put my own spin on it and I love trying to figure out what else I can use that foil for. We covered up a rust spot on a freezer last week for a surprise birthday party. We couldn’t find any tableclothes. We put a fruit tray on top and sprinkled confetti on it. No one was the wiser, and it looked cute. Success!!!!
I’m sure there is some formal research on why crafters like some styles, but these 4 are my favorites.


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