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The Tablecloth Banner

SAM_0374The Tablecloth Banner

I had to try this one for the 12 year old’s Birthday. She wanted purple and yellow decorations…She’s sleep right now, and this will be a suprise for her.
It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but it was a lot of fun. I recommend using a sturdy string and maybe 2 nails. We didn’t want nails in the wall, hence a little Duct tape was used for sturdiness. It fell down a couple of times and we failed to open 2 of the tableclothes completely, hence short, long, short long…Uh Oh. Back to the drawing board.


Can’t Wait to Try it Out….

Ice cream in cookie cutters to eliminate scooping? Genius. Why did it take so long for Pinterest to evolve?

Fortune Cookie Invitations by Raine…

Raine decided to hand make her invites this year, and since she only had a few, she took her time and made them.  I thought it was a great idea. We looked up some fortune cookie blessing quotes and typed them up, and cut them out. Image

Yes, that’s right the goal is a craft supply kit.

So why wouldn’t I craft a new project?  Example:  New beauty soap?  Because I don’t have a. the sunflower oil it calls for? Or b.  I have 2 of 6 ingredients.  Yep, to the back burner the soap project goes unless, I’m totally pumped to make that new beauty soap.  Or maybe it’s a simple arrangement.  Well, I totally get this.  Because I totally haven’t made things because of this.

Next of course is time and know how.   I can’t change your time factor, but I might be able to help with know how.  So if I give you every single little ingredient to make the “new project”, you can’t tell me that you couldn’t make it in my feedback column.  So…my proposal to you is a “craft it yourself kit.”  I will have limited supplies, but for the motivated crafter this might get them going in the next direction of their life.  Who knows where that kit might take them?  They might become the next Martha Stewart?     Don’t thank me… Please promise to give it to someone else if you don’t use the little kit within a reasonable amount of time… I will try to follow up with you….smile.

And remember, crafting is therapeutic, the only way to get therapy is to do it!

Glass Vases-Who said you can’t paint them?

Glass Vases-Who said you can't paint them?

Don’t ever tell me what can’t be done as far as dIY.. Trust me that’s like telling me..go ahead… I got tired of trying to make stuff with stuff that didn’t “match”. So I made it match. And baby, a can of gold spray paint goes a long way. Yes indeed. And yes, I flecked my kitchen cabinets and changed the knobs, and yes, I painted the aluminum siding on my house much to the dismay of the neighbors. I did it again just to mess with them. And the week after, they painted theirs a similar color to mine. I miss them dearly for letting me just do my thing.

Pinterest…Really I swear I stumbled onto this.

I had the pleasure of stumbling on a website called Pinterest a couple of months ago.  I saved my original link on my Windows Nokia phone.  I had 293 pins, 10 followers and I was following 19.    I now have 9000 pins, 427 followers and I’m following 1300.   Ridiculous right?   Who can get that hooked?  Me a crafter, a procrastinator’s crafter.   And I was like pumped each time I saw a new recipe, or a new craft, or design, or fashion.  I kept thinking, WOW, what a website, this takes crafting to infinity?   I have 900 pins on my Do it Myself board. Well folks, it’s only 365 in a year, and honestly I still work really hard for a living.   But what struck me is my passion for pinning.   My joy at looking at simply pictures.    It was very relaxing.  I was thinking that this website propells a typical crafter onto a whole different level.   Why? Because you will see things that you wouldn’t have ever visualized in all your years of crafting.  This is earth shattering stuff to me.  It just takes you there to see the awesome creativity of others and the validation of my own craftiness.   I knew someone could do it…

My goal for this blog is to share MY favorite Pinterest DIY, etc’s and guinea pig them out on my bloggers. I can’t keep Pinning to infinity right?   So each week, I hope to learn a new craft that I learned from Pinterest, as well as the few hrrmph, that I know and share them.  Now I’m not going to attempt the impossible, but I assure you it will be challenging…. This includes a few recipes,maybe some beauty tips, and of course some get down and dirty do it yourself projects.   Pray for me.   I’m going to need it.  And the key for me is not to PROCRASTINATE!!!!

Good ole Air Freshner Dolls.

Good ole Air Freshener Dolls.

The Village Girls. To paint their faces or not?

This is a very new baby blog…. I didn’t even think I could do a “blog”.

I had to start somewhere…. stay tuned as I get this thing up and running…..

Aluminum Foil Dolls

Dolls Made from Aluminum Foil… Really?

Practicality versus Procrastination….evolution of a procrastinator crafter…

Me: Age 16-   I often got asked:
“What do you want to study when you go to college? ”    An Interior Designer was the answer…. Side eyes….from mom…

Mom: ” Don’t you think you should do something more practical?”   Me:  “Like what?”   Mom:  “Take Math, English, Science?”   Me: “I guess.”

Me: Age 17-  Wondering what it’s like to go in the Air Force?  Do they have Interior Design there?   I went to see a recruiter…that was all she wrote.

Mom:  ” So you’re not going to go to Southern Illinois University?”    Me:  “No, it’s not practical.”

Me: Age 24- Forgot all about the interior design thing, went back to school, got a degree in Speech Communications, something practical, oh and easy for me to get through college wise. Got a job as a supervisor at the cable company.  Now married, small baby and in the Air Force Reserves, itching to make something.   Saw a chenille bear that someone else got as a gift, scouted out the store that sold the chenille, couldn’t find it, made a madame teddy bear instead.  Sold it as soon as I saw it.  Had orders for 7 more bears the next day.   Hmmm… might be on to something.

Mom:  ” Bears? Strumpet bears at that?”   Watch that baby, she’s chewing on those ribbons. ”

“Strumpet Bear”
"Strumpet Bear"

“Strumpet Bear”

Me: Age 25- Someone asks ” Can you make a bear inside a basket?”   Me: “No, I’ve never done that, but I guess I could?”   My friend suggested that I just make baskets.  The next thing I knew, baskets for everything, nice ones, naughty ones, Easter ones, Mother’s Day, baskets and more baskets.

Mom-: Baskets? Me:  Yeah, baskets.

Me: Age 28-  ” I think I want to go to nursing school. Mom: ” That sounds GREAT!!!”   Me:  Naaaaa. I already have a degree. Mom:  “Sigh.”

Me: Age 30- ” Making decorative floral brooms for my team for gifts. ”  Mom’ That’s nice baby.”    Took one of the brooms to Martha’s Crib and she asked me if I wanted to consign them.   I agreed, and so I was making lots of brooms, gold brooms, blue brooms, fancy brooms,etc.  My friend Lois said:  Oh my I have such great ideas for you… she insisted that I make something for her her. I did and I named them after her.    The owner of Martha’s Cribs told me: I need you to make me an arrangement.  Me:  “I can’t. ”  Her:  “Why Not?”   Me:  I’ve NEVER done that… a bear, basket and a broom is one thing, but an arrangement?”    But I put my best foot forward.  I made her a swag instead cause it was like a broom anyway.   Showed to the gals at the job: Offer for a home party and 200.00 in orders for floral pieces.

6-26-2010 8;12;26 PM

Mom:  “What are you doing?”  Me: ” I got to go to the floral supply store and fill these flower orders!”  Mom: “Flowers? ”  Me:  “Yes, I have 2 more parties booked and I have to make all these arrangements.   I took pictures of the things and I had designed this full fledged home party floral design system, until I think a few cancelled on the party.  Mom:  Oh My I just REALIZED… she looked at me strangely.   Me: “What? ”
Mom:  “This is a form of that Interior Design”  Me: This?  Mom:  “Yes”, you are really an interior designer and it keeps coming out!.  That’s what you really wanted to do, and I kept telling you to be practical, and you keep expressing it some way.”   Me: “I don’t think so Ma.”

Me: Age 31- “I think I want to go to nursing school, but I was looking at the catalog and those classes are held during the day, I can’t work and do that Mom.  Mom: “Go ahead, when you get there, I’ll help you.”

Me: Age 32- ” I’m not going to nursing school, it’s too much going to work and thinking of that, besides, I already have a decent job and education. I’m tired of school I told her.  Mom: “Sigh.”

Me: Age 32- ” I can’t believe my mom is not here with me anymore.”     No crafting

Me: Age 33-  Still in the Air Force Reserves 16  years,  new job, new life, crazy life full of grief, sorrow. No crafting…

Me: Age 34-  Layoff of new job, life still crazy, father died…. Opened up finally: Voila… a gift shop selling, baskets, bears, dolls, and other things.  Every day off to the shop in total bliss, eating ice cream with my daughter. Mom would love this.  Hustling was a joy, craft shows, beauty shops, now this is the life.    New baby on the way…. a little too soon, had to close the store down, stay on complete bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.

Me: Age 35- I’m going to nursing school. New baby, no crafting…
Me: Age 36- Telephone: Sgt is that you? Me: It’s Me…Telephone: I need to read you a statement: “You are hereby ordered to active duty to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom. Me: Silence. Telephone: “Sgt? I’ll see you in 72 hours.Crafts? Really?

Me: Age 39- Passed NCLEX Boards- Packed up crafts and moved to Georgia. I’m sure they craft in Georgia?   Making new things, dolls from aluminum foil…. Me: Age 44- Back to School- Not enough credentials in job- Put crafts down. Retired from Air Force 22 years was enough for me.

Me: Age 45- Back to School Again- Maybe I should teach nursing- Crafts down.

Me: Enough is enough, tomorrow is not promised…. time to get back to crafting…. BACK INTO THE PASSION SWING…. who is going to help me clean that ridiculous craft room out?

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