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Pinterest…Really I swear I stumbled onto this.

I had the pleasure of stumbling on a website called Pinterest a couple of months ago.  I saved my original link on my Windows Nokia phone.  I had 293 pins, 10 followers and I was following 19.    I now have 9000 pins, 427 followers and I’m following 1300.   Ridiculous right?   Who can get that hooked?  Me a crafter, a procrastinator’s crafter.   And I was like pumped each time I saw a new recipe, or a new craft, or design, or fashion.  I kept thinking, WOW, what a website, this takes crafting to infinity?   I have 900 pins on my Do it Myself board. Well folks, it’s only 365 in a year, and honestly I still work really hard for a living.   But what struck me is my passion for pinning.   My joy at looking at simply pictures.    It was very relaxing.  I was thinking that this website propells a typical crafter onto a whole different level.   Why? Because you will see things that you wouldn’t have ever visualized in all your years of crafting.  This is earth shattering stuff to me.  It just takes you there to see the awesome creativity of others and the validation of my own craftiness.   I knew someone could do it…

My goal for this blog is to share MY favorite Pinterest DIY, etc’s and guinea pig them out on my bloggers. I can’t keep Pinning to infinity right?   So each week, I hope to learn a new craft that I learned from Pinterest, as well as the few hrrmph, that I know and share them.  Now I’m not going to attempt the impossible, but I assure you it will be challenging…. This includes a few recipes,maybe some beauty tips, and of course some get down and dirty do it yourself projects.   Pray for me.   I’m going to need it.  And the key for me is not to PROCRASTINATE!!!!

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