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Welcome to the Procrastinator’s Crafter’s Blog

My Name is Ree and I am a professed procrastinator.   I have the biggest dreams and ideas, if only I could put them all in place!.    I am also a nurse by profession and have the opportunity to meet new people every day.  In the last few years I have had the blessing of taking care of terminally ill patients and one of my main lessons I have learned is that life is very short and never promised.    I have been crafting since my daughter ReJeana was 2 years old.  I made my first teddy bear and caught the crafter’s bug.  Crafting has grown up with me.  I never tire of it.  I put the crafts down, but never away.   I remember a friend of mine telling me that I should have been a flower guru at the rate I was going when I first started making arrangements.  I’ve allowed life’s bleeps and blurps to interrupt my creativity.    Don’t get me wrong… I have achieved some awesome accomplishments in the last 10 years.  Achievements that I never believed I could in my wildest dreams.   I will admit staying positive can do a lot for achievements even if you are procrastinating….





Jessica’s badass cake

The Difference Between Leopard, Jaguar, and Cheetah Print


Many people think leopard, jaguar, and cheetah print are the same, so let me clear some things up…


(pic found on

Well, I never knew…I just know I love them all…


One of my favorite outfits that I own. I am kind of obsessed with Cheetah print and the color black. I don’t like to stand out much and this outfit was just perfect. I pull up the skirt to my waist and tuck in the shirt. Somewhere I have a black bow with the exact same print but I can’t find it anywhere. Outfit of the day, I guess 🙂

Skirt- Thrift Store, no tag.

Shirt- Forever21

Shoes- Not sure, they were a gift.



Fashion<3 / Leopard scarf. en We Heart It.


And the winner is…..#whitedenim #pink #cheetah #bananarepublic #jcrew #h&m


NIght before surgery….  Will be out of commission for a bit lovies…

That’s getting so reblogged….tee hee.

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