Tea for Two

I had one of my aunts over for tea last week – sometimes it is very nice, being grown up! – and decided at the last minute to bring out a little of my Blue Willow china. See, my great-grandmother owned an antiques shop, and she and my Granny both had (or in my Granny’s case, continues to have) a fondness for Blue Willow, so I inherited a massive and mismatched collection of Blue Willow china of varying levels of antiquity. Recently I’ve been trying to use the china more, because it seems wrong to leave it sitting neglected in a cupboard (even if it is a very pretty cupboard.)

The cake is a Sweetened Condensed Milk Cake, from Technicolor Kitchen, to which I added the zest of one orange and a teaspoon of vanilla. The glaze is confectioner’s sugar and orange juice, and it was baked in a fancy bundt pan. I’ve decided I quite like fancy bundt pans – they make everyday cakes look extra pretty with very little work. The Sweetened Condensed Milk Cake is great because it’s super simple and very tasty – the texture is a little like a dense angel food cake, and it’s creamy-sweet.


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