Ebay Store

OMG, I just love Ebay. It doesn’t get any better. As a person that has traveled around from craft show to show and Saturday morning garage sales, thrift stores, I can see Ebay is the best thing since sliced bread. Oh adrenaline rush I get from just going on there and taking CONTROL of my purchase. “I’m going to BUY IT NOW.” “I want FREE SHIPPING”, “I only want to look for Red Purses today under 50.00 thank you very much.” Still luring me in with their hour away auctions, and watch items, I can’t get enough. I don’t get on there as much as I could, but I tell you that EBAY is fun fun fun to me.

I went to Walmart yesterday to get leather strips and a rope for my Pinterest headband redo and couldn’t find either. I bet you I can get it on EBAY. I left Walmart—amazing without purchasing ANYTHING. I had hope that EBAY is not going to let me down.

Caution though… don’t buy furniture without making sure they are going to ship it. I made the mistake of not reading the for local purchase only in California. Um. Really? How much does the table weigh you said? Oh and make sure the seller takes credit cards…”You really want me to send a check?” To Idaho? Why don’t you take debit or credit? Oh I should have read your note at the bottom?” So just be careful, but other than that I think it’s wayyy better than the Casino….


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