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One of my favorite outfits that I own. I am kind of obsessed with Cheetah print and the color black. I don’t like to stand out much and this outfit was just perfect. I pull up the skirt to my waist and tuck in the shirt. Somewhere I have a black bow with the exact same print but I can’t find it anywhere. Outfit of the day, I guess 🙂

Skirt- Thrift Store, no tag.

Shirt- Forever21

Shoes- Not sure, they were a gift.



Fashion<3 / Leopard scarf. en We Heart It.


And the winner is…..#whitedenim #pink #cheetah #bananarepublic #jcrew #h&m


NIght before surgery….  Will be out of commission for a bit lovies…

That’s getting so reblogged….tee hee.

Eye of the Beholder


so much love to boston right now. 

It’s so pretty.

Cute Cover Up…

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